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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Privatizing the Marketplace of Ideas

I know, this is a little technogeeky for some readers. And I know, private individuals can do what they want with their own property, the marketplace adjusts itself and is working here too, blah blah. I still see this story as a serious cautionary tale about the philosophical inclinations of the corporate right (i.e., essentially anticompetetive and controlling, not really dedicated to free markets in either ideas or commerce), and as a good example of why people generally are safer relying on a democratic government, in which they have a stake, rather than big business, in which they do not, to preserve their liberties and a degree of control over their own lives.

The original Progressives were freedom-loving trustbusters. I suspect a lot of kids on MySpace could become NeoProgs if the ideas ever reached them.

Thanks again to Atrios for the lead.

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